Transportation Management in LA

If your business relies on the routine transportation of goods, SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service offers cost-efficient transportation management. This allows companies to handle all the logistics of many domestic deliveries through enterprise solutions. We provide the full staff, organize various routes throughout the week, as well as offer a variety of services to ensure satisfaction. Plus our courier delivery services are flexible and customizable. Changes can be made throughout the process, based on consistent, close analysis of transportation data. Request a Free Online Quote for Courier Services so we can contact you to discuss your management options.

Drivers, Dispatchers & Operations

Our drivers go all over Southern California and beyond. Customer service representatives arrange and organize daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Employees are flexible around your needs, with dispatchers ready by the phone to handle all logistics and communication. In case of emergencies or last minute changes, we are open 24 hours a day to ensure your cargo is delivered. Once your product is in our hands, we guarantee same day delivery directly to its destination. Don’t wait to set up a convenient delivery process!

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rates

Not sure about the logistics of your deliveries? Call us at (800) 245-4502. Our staff will take you through the whole process so you are informed of all the available options. Access to daily, weekly and monthly rates, determined by your schedule and deliveries, guarantees the best prices in town.  Also, our advanced services are available in any of the numerous SoCal courier delivery locations we service on a regular basis.

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