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15 May

What Are The Types of Courier Services?

We consider it paramount that you are fully abreast of the available services offered by most courier companies. Whether as a small-business owner or just for your personal use, being informed can go a long way in being prudent with money and time. With the right information, you can decide which courier service best suits […]

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3 Mar

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Courier Service

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Courier services may seem to have their own language making it difficult to understand, not to mention the rules and regulations that must be followed. To make it easier for you, we have included the top things you should consider when hiring a courier service. Decide On The Type of Service You Need This depends […]

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3 Feb

Sending Courier Packages To College Students

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As a new college student, separating from loved ones is challenging. The best way to show your love is to send care packages via a courier. Don’t know what to put in a care package? Here are a few tips to get started. Phone Cards You’ll want to ensure that they can call family and […]

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23 Dec

Why Choose SMEX to Deliver Your Confidential Documents?

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You have sensitive documents to deliver in a timely manner for your business transactions to move smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need the packages to be sent to domestic or international areas, SMEX 24/7 Hand-Carry is the courier service for you. Excellent Customer Care Our process is very simple. All you need to do is […]

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14 Dec

Questions To Ask a Courier Company

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Courier Service How long have you been in the Courier business? Look for a reputable company that is highly experienced and has the ability to deliver your documents on time. Do you have reliable, well-trained drivers? You want to feel confident that your items will be delivered by […]

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24 Oct

How To Find The Best Courier Service

Courier services are one of the essentials in the world of today; from dealing with individual customers to transacting with companies, courier company play a significant role in moving and delivering of goods and packages. If you are an online seller, one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business is by getting […]

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11 Oct

What Are The Most Popular Types of Courier Services?

Courier services are needed by corporations, small businesses and individuals every day. As an essential service, courier services help us reach out to various parts of the world whenever we need to. There are several factors that a shipper puts into consideration before deciding on what courier service to use in Los Angeles. One of […]

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6 Sep

How Does Legal Courier Service Work?

A courier is someone who delivers packages from a sender to a receiver. They act as a middle man that gets products delivered anywhere in the world. You can also call them messengers since they are in the business of getting your message delivered. A courier service is available for everyone. It doesn’t matter if […]

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17 Aug

Why You Should Use a Courier Service

Courier services are very different from standard mail delivery services because they are faster, secure and more affordable. If you need to have an important parcel delivered within a small time-frame, it is advisable to use a courier service like SMExpress. Here, are some of the benefits that come from using SMExpress courier services in […]

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9 Aug

What Does a Courier Do?

The Services Offered By SMExpress 24/7 Courier services offer the same services as regular mail delivery services. The only difference which exists between the two is that while private companies run courier services, regular mail services are public. The advantage of using courier services as opposed to regular mail delivery is that couriers are counting […]

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