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3 Mar

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Courier Service

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Courier services may seem to have their own language making it difficult to understand, not to mention the rules and regulations that must be followed. To make it easier for you, we have included the top things you should consider when hiring a courier service. Decide On The Type of Service You Need This depends […]

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22 Feb

How To Best Use a Courier Service

Do you have documents that need to be delivered by a specific date? To avoid delays and additional costs, make sure you take the right steps when using a courier service. Here are three common errors that you may overlook. 1. Not Providing Business Hours to The Courier You want your document delivered to a […]

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3 Feb

Sending Courier Packages To College Students

As a new college student, separating from loved ones is challenging. The best way to show your love is to send care packages via a courier. Don’t know what to put in a care package? Here are a few tips to get started. Phone Cards You’ll want to ensure that they can call family and […]

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13 Jan

How Can Technology Help The Courier Service Industry?

In recent years, courier companies have introduced technology to accommodate new demands and increase efficiency and productivity. Global Positioning Software (GPS), online services, and hand-held devices are some of the major technologies that have impacted the courier service industry. 1. GPS Many courier companies are utilizing GPS in their day-to-day operations. GPS has the advantage […]

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