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Top 10 Reasons to Choose A Courier For All Your Delivery Needs

#1. Courier Companies solve last minute emergencies by offering to pick up and deliver your shipment the same day. We deliver via ground service. So as long as the destination is reachable same day, we can accommodate this request. Consider the standard […]

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A Short History of Hollywood

Hollywood has been around since the late 1800s. By 1900, Hollywood’s population was only 500 people! There was one post office, a hotel and two markets. A single-track streetcar followed Prospect Ave into Los Angeles, a city that held over […]

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Same Day Deliveries vs. Two Day Deliveries

Courier deliveries are oftentimes done on an economy 2-day and next day service. But what about those deliveries that require same day service? When is it worth the extra cost to get your package to its destination as soon as […]

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Best Business Practices for Shipping

The thought and care that goes into shipping can make or break your business in a variety of ways. Going with a subpar shipping company that views your business as a means to an end, rather than providing real customer […]

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SMEX 24/7 vs Corporate Courier Companies

How does SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service compare to larger courier companies? We break down the differences between the two, and show why local couriers are the better way to go. The keys factors that make small businesses the better option […]

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A (Very) Brief History of Couriers

SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service has been around a long time, thirty-two years to be exact. But couriers have existed for thousands of years. We decided to delve into the history of the courier world, going back way before our time to when […]

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5 Courier Myths Debunked

Every industry has them. Stories. Myths. Legends. Such stuff as dream are made on. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But as surprising as it might sound, even courier service companies have myths that oftentimes need busting. Or, at the […]

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Spring Break Ideas for SoCal Residents

Spring Break is just around the corner, and it’s already gearing up to be an exciting and eventful year. Here at SMEX 24/7 Messenger Services, we like to plan ahead. So we’ve compiled a list fun activities available to anyone […]

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Top 5 Things To Do In Los Angeles Summer 2016

With so much to do in Los Angeles this summer, let your friends at SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service narrow down the list for you by providing some of our favorite attractions. 1. Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach These neighboring […]

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