Courier Service Los Angeles, California

Courier Service Los Angeles

Are you looking for reliable and affordable courier services in Los Angeles for your personal and business needs? Then look no further. At SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service, we have been providing exceptional Messenger, Courier and Delivery services in Los Angeles, California since 1984.

As a customer-focused company, we seek to take some responsibility off your shoulders. We offer a personalised courier experience that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any of your business needs that may arise.

We acknowledge that emergencies do indeed happen and we vow to be available when they do. As delivery experts, we incorporate the latest industry technologies to ensure expedient, reliable services at competitive prices. We also offer all-in-one and same-day delivery services to our customers. You can trust us to deliver your items and valuables on time and unblemished.

Messenger Services in Los Angeles

Our personalized courier services allow you to de-stress and redirect your focus on other responsibilities. With our range of delivery options, we’ve got you covered! Does your business need 24/7 same day delivery all year round in Los Angeles? Then our express services are best suited for you. How about pickup within the hour that the order was placed? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you would be pleased with our standard economy delivery.

Is it late in the afternoon and you need same day delivery? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too! With our Regular Delivery Services, you can rest assured that your items will be delivered on time. That’s not all! We have gone further to enhance your experience, by eliminating the frustration and anxiety of tracking your packages. Tracking has gotten a lot easier with the help of our new signature capture technology! Now, you would be immediately alerted of the person who signed for and received your package. We would then follow with an email confirmation notifying you of the packages safe delivery.

Not to mention, our couriers are trained driving professionals, who offer top notch customer service. No setback will keep them from delivering your materials in Los Angeles. Construction, traffic, poor weather conditions, you name it, our drivers have seen it all. We are equipped to handle all of these unforeseen issues. So we guarantee on-time delivery 100% of the time with our licensed, bonded and insured, drivers. You can trust your package will be in safe hands.

Courier Services

When it comes to express shipping anywhere in Southern California, we are your choice. Courier Express allows packages to be picked up in 20 minutes or less and delivered anywhere in Southern California. Barring any unforeseen traffic conditions, we guarantee to deliver your package by the requested deadline. On occasions when the weather or road conditions make it impossible to deliver, rest assured that we will contact you immediately. We will continue to fight the conditions until your cargo is safely delivered. Communication with you, our customer, is of the utmost importance.

Our courier express services run 24/7 in Los Angeles and include late night deliveries, overnight deliveries and emergency last minute pickups. At SMEX 24/7, we are flexible and work around your schedule. We do all this for you, our customer, because your ease of mind is our top priority. Even our regular delivery ensures pickup within a 3 to 5 hour time frame and speedy same day delivery. We offer an array of delivery options to our customers in Los Angeles. So go ahead and choose the one that best suits you. Give us a call no matter the hour at (800) 245-4502. Or, browse our advanced service offerings and visit our Courier Delivery Locations Page.

Legal Courier Service

You wouldn’t hire someone for a position with no experience and understanding of a particular job and environment, would you? So, why entrust your legal courier needs with just any courier service? For over thirty years, SMEX 24/7 Legal Courier Services has provided fast and efficient service throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. We deliver urgent documentation same day and on demand.

You can rest assured that our dedicated team understands the demanding and confidential nature of the legal sector. A sector characterised by tight deadlines, discretion and urgency. Look to the company with an outstanding track-record and specialized knowledge, not the new kid on the block. All our courier services are tracked in real time. The receiver’s signature is captured electronically and transmitted to you when your item has been delivered. Providing peace of mind to both the sender and the receiver is of utmost importance to us.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Court filings with conformed copies emailed or delivered same/next day
  • Courtesy copies for Judges’ courtrooms dropped off same/next day
  • Document search

Trust the company with experience in Los Angeles. SMEX 24/7 stands alone with 30+ years of experience handling the attorney services needs of SoCal firms and individuals. We understand the importance of documents of this nature and take great care in ensuring that they are delivered safely and on time.

Same Day Courier Services

We are your choice for express delivery. All deliveries have the advantage of our 100% On Time Guarantee. SMEX 24/7’s fast, reliable courier delivery services remains unmatched. Forget about delivery services that throw your packages into a rotation of deliveries set to convenience their drivers. At SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service in Los Angeles, we work for you. There are delivery options for your letters, packages and cargo. You name it, we have it. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’ve got you covered. Need an emergency delivery at 3 a.m. or a pickup from a location miles away from you? Call us anytime.

When you hire SMEX 24/7, your worries about the logistics of these deliveries would be no more. You’ll receive an instant email confirmation upon delivery. Through signature capture technology, you can easily track the signature so you know who signed for it. It’s stress-free for both you and your intended recipient. Effective communication is just as important to us as delivering letters, cargo, equipment, and the like.

Hand Carry Courier

SMEX 24/7 Courier Service in Los Angeles offers on-site and hand carried courier delivery services between Southern California and anywhere in the world. This service provides a dedicated courier to accompany your package throughout the entire trip. Constant contact will be maintained when in-transit with your shipment, from the time it’s picked up until it’s signed by the intended recipient. Our hand carry service helps avoid any obstacles, including documentation issues, tight connections and customs holdups. We do all this to ensure your shipment makes it to its destination safe and on time.

No Transfers, No Wait Time!

This service can also be set up on an inbound or outbound basis, domestic or international. Express Hand-Carry Deliveries are available 24 hours a day in Los Angeles, seven days a week for your time sensitive materials. Last minute and urgent pickups are welcomed any time, day or night. Or, we can set up daily, weekly or monthly schedules deliveries.

All you have to do is prepare your package for pickup. We will do the rest. This service assures personalized handling and care of your urgent shipment. Our experienced couriers have deep knowledge of the most effective tactics to navigate your package swiftly through every stage of the trip. Contact SMEX 24/7 Courier Service in Los Angeles to get a price quote and hear more about our delivery options.

Cargo Delivery Service

Your business can depend on SMEX 24/7 Courier Service for efficient and secure delivery of large quantities of goods and products in Los Angeles. SMEX 24/7 provides a full range of courier delivery services to pick up and deliver cargo all over Southern California, with a 100% on-time guarantee. In addition to one-time delivery of large quantities of products, we are available to set up daily, weekly or monthly schedules deliveries to lessen your daily responsibilities.

We are open 24 hours a day to ensure your cargo isn’t sitting in a warehouse or parking lot when it needs to be delivered securely and quickly. Once your product is in our hands, we ensure speedy same day delivery directly to the desired destination. Request a Free Online Quote for Courier Delivery Services so we can contact you to discuss your courier options.

Medical Courier Service

SMEX 24/7 Courier Service understands the delicate nature of certain cargo. When it comes to medical supplies and specimens, we guarantee timely and safe delivery in Los Angeles. If weather or road conditions make it impossible to deliver on time, we will contact you immediately and work to circumvent heavy traffic areas. Our drivers are knowledgeable and can navigate the SoCal roads better than any other drivers.

We service hospitals and medical laboratories for blood, specimens and medical equipment. Our clients can choose between route or express services. Daily, weekly and long term rates are available for emergency or pre-scheduled deliveries. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to delivering important medical materials in Los Angeles.

We offer fast service for secure transportation of medical specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, surgical tools & medical equipment. Our drivers are not only licensed, bonded and insured, they’re also OSHA/HIPAA compliant. We have customer service representatives ready to answer any of your questions and work with you to find a solution to your messenger needs in Los Angeles.

Route Service

Does your business rely on repeat deliveries and routine pickups? SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service offers route services to help you schedule and organize your recurring deliveries in Los Angeles. Our drivers and dispatchers can handle both small and large quantities of materials. With access to vans and trucks, we can pick up and deliver your goods efficiently. Set up a daily, weekly or monthly scheduled service and we will take care of the rest. In case of emergencies or last-minute changes, we are open 24 hours a day to ensure ease and convenience. Not to mention, with our services your deliveries aren’t sitting in a warehouse for long periods of time

Transportation Management

As a business owner in Los Angeles, you want to ensure your goods reach their destination on time and intact. This is critical to your bottom line and you want to choose a reliable service that will guarantee safe delivery. Well, SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service is just what you need! Our 24/7 Messenger Service offers cost-efficient transportation management for businesses that rely on routine transportation of goods. This service allows you to handle all the logistics of many domestic deliveries through enterprise solutions. We provide the full staff, organize various routes throughout the week, and offer a variety of services to ensure satisfaction.

Our courier delivery services are flexible and customizable. Changes can be made throughout the process, based on consistent, close analysis of transportation data. Request a Free Online Quote for Courier Services so we can contact you to discuss your management options. Not sure about the logistics of your deliveries? Then give us a call. Our staff will take you through the whole process so you are informed of all the available options in Los Angeles. Access to daily, weekly and monthly rates are fairly priced and determined by your schedule and deliveries Also, our advanced services are available in any of the numerous SoCal courier delivery locations we service on a regular basis.

Local Couriers Services in Los Angeles

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our loyal customers have to say. We’re proud to boast of 5-star reviews from clientele with expectations that we strive to meet. With a variety of messenger options, we guarantee safe and expedient transportation at competitive prices in Los Angeles. Our couriers are prompt, professional, and always ready for dispatch. We strive to ensure our customers are always satisfied and we take the same care that you would for yourself.

We want this process to be simple, so the first step is to call us to hear more about what we offer. Contact us any day, any time at (800) 245-4502 or request an online quote for courier delivery services in Los Angeles.We will get back to you within 24 hours with more details. For over 30 years, SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service has been providing reliable same day courier delivery of letters, packages, and truckload cargo in the Los Angeles area.

No matter where you live in LA, we can provide immediate pickup and fast delivery. We deliver to anywhere in SoCal and beyond. To learn more about our regional courier services, visit our Courier Delivery Locations page. For same day deliveries near Los Angeles, we offer messenger services in Orange County and courier services in Pasadena CA.

Same Day Courier Delivery in Los Angeles

SMEX 24/7 offers a variety of courier and messenger services in Los Angeles, depending on your location and your needs. Our Express Service ensures immediate pickup and direct non-stop delivery, while our Regular and Economy options also allow for same day delivery at lower rates. Contact SMEX 24/7 today to receive the best in Los Angeles delivery services.

24 Hour Los Angeles Courier Services

With our 100% On-Time Guarantee in Los Angeles, you can rest easy that your package will be delivered promptly and without delay. Our courier company in Los Angeles works by first receiving a call from an individual or organization that needs materials delivered to another location. We then assess the caller’s individual needs, including time and transportation needs. Next, we send a messenger to pick up the package and deliver it within an agreed time period to an agreed location. our Proof of delivery will be provided by our courier in Los Angeles.

Differences between courier companies in major metropolitan areas and courier companies in less populated areas tend to vary. One of the major differences is that city courier services, including bikes or motorcycles, appear to make greater use of “alternative” methods of transport. This makes it possible for the courier to weave in and out of city traffic, gradually reducing delivery time.

Streamlined Courier Services in Los Angeles

Specialized courier services today use new technologies to streamline the process of delivery. Computer-dispatched couriers and GPS systems can play a role in ensuring accurate and quick delivery of your goods. During our deliveries, the use of GPS can assist every messenger, and computer scheduling will help ensure optimum productivity by deciding which messenger will effectively pick up or deliver your package within any timeline.

Make sure you choose a courier company, like SMEX, that has a strong reputation in your local area in Los Angeles when choosing a courier service. In your local area, experience with the streets and traffic patterns would be invaluable to your business – reducing delivery times and costs over time. Building a partnership with a local courier company, like SMEX, will result in special rates and guaranteed delivery times, all of which are excellent advantages for any local business. Contact us now for more information.

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