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Courier Service Los Angeles


Same Day Cargo and Freight Shipping Service In Los Angeles

With nearly 5 decades of experience, SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service is your trusted partner for reliable and on-time professional courier services. We understand that delivery needs can arise suddenly and unexpectedly. That's why we offer round-the-clock assistance, providing a wide range of services from routine deliveries to specialized pickups! Our team of experienced drivers is well-equipped to handle various types of deliveries, including legal or escrow documents, prescriptions and medical pick-ups, bank deposits, temperature-controlled shipments, and more. Connect with us today for efficient and secure courier services you can count on!

Courier Service Los Angeles

Bulk Dry Cargo

We offer professional bulk dry cargo and freight delivery throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We're one of the most trusted dry cargo delivery companies in the nation. Call or message us now to schedule your pickup and delivery. We're open 24/7.

Courier Service Los Angeles

Bulk Liquid Cargo

Do you have a large cargo shipment, freight, or pallet full of liquid items? We can pack and ship these items for you quickly and safely. We service the greater Los Angeles area. Need a quote? Please contact us today for more details on pricing.

Courier Service Los Angeles

Neo-Bulk Cargo

Neo-bulk cargo includes a wide variety of large items, and we have the equipment and staff to delivery these items for you. Neo-bulk items include, but not limited to, heavy machinery, logs, livestock, automobiles, steal and lumber.

Courier Service Los Angeles

Refrigerated Cargo

We can have your perishable cargo picked up within 15 minutes and delivered directly anywhere in Southern California and Orange County. If you give us your deadline, we will guarantee it. Contact us now to get a quote.

Courier Service Los Angeles


“SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service has serviced Nike, Inc over the past years with experienced drivers, great customer service and professional courier services. We look forward to a continued venture with SMEX.”

“The professionals at SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service have provided us with consistent and reliable courier service throughout the Los Angeles area for many years.”


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    Like our name says, SMEX 24/7 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for fast cargo pickup and delivery. Emergencies happen and we want to be available whenever they do. Contact us now for more information about our cargo and freight delivery service.

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    What Is Cargo Shipping?

    Cargo shipping is the transport of physical goods or materials from one location to another. Shipping can occur over land, water or air.

    What is the difference between freight and cargo?
    Cargo is typically moving goods between locations in larger ships, trains or planes, whereas freight is typically moved in smaller vehicles like trucks.

    What’s the process of cargo shipping?
    The cargo shipping process consists of 5 steps:

    1. The first step of the cargo shipping process is the transport of the goods from the sender to the location of the company that handles the cargo shipping. This transport takes place in the country of origin of the goods.
    2. The cargo shipping company will store the cargo in a distribution center before it will be shipped by ship or plane.
    3. When the cargo is ready to be shipped, the cargo shipping company will transport the cargo from the distribution center to the airport or harbor where it will be loaded on a ship or plane.
    4. Once the cargo arrives at the airport or harbor of destination, the cargo shipping company will carry the cargo to its distribution center to store it.
    5. Finally, the cargo shipping company will make sure the cargo is transported from its distribution center to the address of the recipient of the cargo.

    How To Prepare For Cargo Shipping?

    As the sender of the cargo, make sure you have a mutual agreement with the recipient on who is responsible for arranging the shipping. This also applies to the costs involved in the shipping to the location of the cargo shipping company.

    Has it been agreed that the recipient is responsible for the goods if they are still stored at the cargo shipping company? Then the recipient is responsible for the transport to the location of the cargo shipping company. Has it been agreed that the recipient is only responsible for the goods at a later stage of the transport process? Then the shipper is responsible for the transport to the location of the cargo shipping company.

    How Do You Ship Freight?

    Any shipment of goods which is over 150 lbs is considered freight shipping. Shipping freight consist of 6 steps:

    1. 1. Pack the shipment
    2. 2. Estimate the freight classification in terms of weight and size dimensions
    3. 3. Choose a freight shipping company
    4. 4. Create a Bill of Lading for the carrier to acknowledge the receipt of freight for shipment
    5. 5. Transport the shipment to the freight shipping company or schedule a pickup
    6. 6. Track the shipment and receive acknowledgement from recipient upon freight delivery

    What is The Cheapest Way to Ship Freight?

    The cheapest way to ship freight is ground shipping.

    What Are The Different Types of Freight That Can Be Shipped?

    Compared with cargo, there are no specific types of freight. Almost anything can be shipped via freight, but rules for certain products can apply.

    What Are The Different Types of Cargo That Can Be Shipped?

    9 Types of cargo can be shipped:

    1. 1. Break bulk or general cargo – examples: bags, boxes, crates, drums.
    2. 2. Bulk dry cargo – examples: crude oil, coal, gravel.
    3. 3. Bulk liquid cargo – examples: wine, chlorine, fresh water.
    4. 4. Container cargo – all physical goods that fit into an ISO container
    5. 5. Neo-bulk cargo – examples: lumber, heavy machinery, wastepaper.
    6. 6. Passenger cargo – passenger ship to carry passengers on the sea
    7. 7. Project cargo – shipments made of various components which requires disassembly and reassemble before and after shipment
    8. 8. Refrigerated cargo – examples: fruit, fish, meat.
    9. 9. Roll-on/ roll-off cargo – examples: cars, trucks, trailers.

    How Are Cargo and Freight Shipping Calculated?

    Cargo and freight shipping are calculated by density, space and cube.

    1. 1. Measure the length (L), width (W) and height (H) of the freight or cargo in inches.
    2. 2. Get the cubic inches per item by multiplying the different dimensions (L x W x H). The total needs to be divided by 1,728 to convert cubic inches into cubic feet.
    3. 3. Weigh the shipment
    4. 4. Divide the weight by the cubic feet to get the density
    5. 5. Provide the dimensions together with the shipment destination, schedule and commodity to the cargo/freight shipping company to get the shipping rate.

    What Are The Benefits of Using a Cargo and Freight Shipping Company?

    By using a cargo and freight company to handle your packages, you can be certain that your shipment will arrive at the destination on the agreed time. A cargo and freight company has the industry knowledge and expertise which will provide flexibility and certainty to get a cargo or freight shipment from one location to another.

    Why Should You Hire SMEXPRESS For Your Cargo and Freight Shipping Needs?

    Whether you need to ship a large number of pallets, hazardous substances or a combination of general cargo, SMEX 24/7 offers various cargo and freight shipping options. We guarantee flexibility, customization and security for all of our customers.

    Based on our extensive industry knowledge, you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands when it’s on its way to your recipient. SMEXPRESS will work together with you to make sure you’ll have the best cargo or freight shipping option for the lowest price. Call or message us now for a free quote.

    About SMEX 24/7 Cargo and Freight Shipping

    At SMEX 24/7 we provide same day or direct messenger, courier service and cargo services anywhere in southern California. We offer the most complete cargo shipping, freight shipping , and courier services with delivery options that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have three different shipping options that will get your documents or packages to any destination on time. By combining our dedication to outstanding customer service with competitive prices, SMEX 24/7 delivery services will make sure that your packages get to where they need to be.

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