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Courier Service Package Tracking – SMEX Delivery Service

Courier Service Package Tracking With SMEX Delivery Service –

When delivering packages across the street or across the state, online package tracking will give you peace of mind. With our online package tracking, you can find out where your shipment is no matter what time of day it is. This will provide you with a level of visibility that other courier services do not.

In the early 90’s, SMEX Delivery Service began employing a package tracking system. GPS Tracking Device is an old device. It was a much simpler technology back then than it is now. The first time, it was a small tracking device mounted on the top of your vehicle that tracked and transmitted to our server a driver’s location, date, time, travel speed, and jobs onboard. This resulted in lower communication costs and a 2-3 minute reduction in tracking time.

We utilize a smartphone to track places instantaneously thanks to today’s modern technology. From the time your courier shipment is picked up until it is delivered, you can track its progress. After the shipment is finished, our system will display the delivery time as well as the signature of the person who got it.

GPS Tracking For Couriers

GPS tracking is now standard in most new cars, as well as in a variety of other businesses. Asset trackers can help you maintain track of your most valuable assets, such as pricey machinery and heavy construction equipment, in the construction business. It’s never been easier or more effective to keep track of valuable parts across various storage facility locations. We are happy to have been an industry leader when GPS tracking was initially introduced, and we remain so with additional tracking technology.

When transporting medical equipment, blood, lab tests, organs, and other items, cargo tracking is critical in the Medical Courier delivery sector. The auto repair sector is another area that makes use of our tracking tools. Our tracking option is popular with auto repair shops because it allows them to update their customers on how quickly a part will arrive from another location while they wait in the comfortable dealership waiting room.

Professional Courier Services in Los Angeles

The majority of delivery providers in the United States still do not offer live tracking to their consumers. This value-added real-time tracking information for shipments is provided by SMEX Delivery Service at no additional cost across all of our service level offerings. You’ll need a same-day delivery services shipping account with us as well as a computer with internet connection to start tracking your shipments. Unlike our competitors, we do not conceal the exact status of our shipments because we feel you have the right to know.

In terms of shipment tracking and new order creation, our technology solutions enable customers to interface with our systems to increase communication, save time, and realize operational efficiencies. Contact us for more information now.

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