20 May

Finding the Right Freight Delivery Services

Freight Delivery Services

One of the fastest growing courier companies in the Los Angeles area is SMEX 24/7. Our freight company specializes in all kinds of freight and delivery services in southern California. If you need your freight or packages delivered the same day, you should look into our services and contact us for pricing. While other companies offer express services, SMEX 24/7 offers same day freight delivery service as well as a next day express service.

First Class Delivery Service

One of the unique features of SMEX is our “First-Class Mail” service. This kind of service is very valuable for people who are trying to transport goods long distances. For example, if you’re moving to San Diego and want to buy a piano, you might not be able to buy it at your local music store in San Diego. Instead you would have to find a specialized provider and then ship the piano to the home of the piano buyer. This is what SMEX courier does, and we use our large network of couriers and warehouses across southern California to ship products directly to customers.

International Shipping Companies 

When it comes to international shipping, there are a lot of shipping companies that have consistently proven themselves to be one of the best. What makes some international shipping companies stand out from their competitors is the fact that they don’t just offer ground transportation, instead they provide air freight, sea freight, and air cargo as well. This allows customers the opportunity to have a wide variety of freight services, without having to buy in bulk, order in small amounts, or spend time shopping for the right truck driver to take their goods where they need to go. Contact us now for more information about our courier services.

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