22 Feb

How To Best Use a Courier Service

Do you have documents that need to be delivered by a specific date? To avoid delays and additional costs, make sure you take the right steps when using a courier service. Here are three common errors that you may overlook.

1. Not Providing Business Hours to The Courier

You want your document delivered to a company for a specific time. However, you don’t provide the courier with details about the business hours. Or you neglect to share important information like out-of-office days.

So when your courier arrives, he finds the company is either closed or does not accept deliveries at certain times. If this occurs, the courier will have to leave with your items and deliver at a later time. This could cost you. To avoid this, ensure that you inform the courier of scheduled closures and other relevant information that could impact a timely delivery.

2. Providing Insufficient or Inaccurate Information

When you schedule a pick-up with a courier service, provide them with the address, telephone number, and name of the contact person. Unnecessary delays can certainly be avoided. At the same time, you must make sure that you have labeled your packages carefully with the receiver’s name, address, and telephone number. You can incur an additional charge if the pick-up and delivery dates have to be rescheduled.

3. Using Poor Packaging

If you’re doing the packing yourself, make sure you choose appropriate packing materials and heavy-duty tape. Pack your items properly, making sure they are sealed and labeled and ready for pick-up. If not properly packaged, the driver can refuse to collect the items or your items can get damaged during shipment.

At SMEX 24/7, we provide reliable and high-quality courier services. Contact us for guidelines on how to get your packages delivered safely and on time. We are always here to help.

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