4 Jan

Can Your Packages Go Missing?

If you hired a reputable courier service to transport your items, it is hardly likely that your packages will go missing. If you packed your items yourself but used a courier service to load and transport your items, errors may occur. And these errors may have been made by you and are not the fault […]

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23 Dec

Why Choose SMEX to Deliver Your Confidential Documents?

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You have sensitive documents to deliver in a timely manner for your business transactions to move smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need the packages to be sent to domestic or international areas, SMEX 24/7 Hand-Carry is the courier service for you. Excellent Customer Care Our process is very simple. All you need to do is […]

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14 Dec

Questions To Ask a Courier Company

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Courier Service How long have you been in the Courier business? Look for a reputable company that is highly experienced and has the ability to deliver your documents on time. Do you have reliable, well-trained drivers? You want to feel confident that your items will be delivered by […]

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7 Dec

SMEX 24/7 – A Cut Above the Rest

Everything we do at SMEX is with you, our customers, in mind. We take pride in our excellent customer service and care by working with you through every step of your courier experience. What makes us unique? See five reasons below. Reliable Personnel Receive a quotation via email or speak directly with one of our […]

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16 Nov

Why Your Business Needs To Use SMExpress Courier Services

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Why Use SMExpress Courier Services? Running a business involves more than just hiring employees and footing bills. Behind the scenes, junior officers are making strenuous efforts to ensure prompt deliveries. Should your company have an in-house person handling shipments, or should you engage a courier service instead? Well, here are some of the benefits that […]

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7 Nov

Why Attorneys Use Courier Services at SMExpress

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SMExpress Courier Services For Law Firms  Where else can you find people moving around with bulky papers than the court corridors? Law firms and legal practices are forced to contend with a massive number of documents moving around on an almost daily basis. Some papers have to be signed by clients, documentation that has to […]

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24 Oct

How To Find The Best Courier Service

Courier services are one of the essentials in the world of today; from dealing with individual customers to transacting with companies, courier company play a significant role in moving and delivering of goods and packages. If you are an online seller, one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business is by getting […]

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11 Oct

What Are The Most Popular Types of Courier Services?

Courier services are needed by corporations, small businesses and individuals every day. As an essential service, courier services help us reach out to various parts of the world whenever we need to. There are several factors that a shipper puts into consideration before deciding on what courier service to use in Los Angeles. One of […]

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21 Sep

What Does a Messenger Service Company Do?

Messenger services and courier services are closely related, but are they the same thing? Often, you find people confusing both terms and using them interchangeably. So is a messenger service, and how does it differ from a courier service? Knowing the difference between the two is necessary if you want the best from your delivery […]

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15 Sep

What Are The Benefits of a Medical Courier?

A medical courier service is responsible for the delivery of medical records, results, specimens, and drugs between hospitals or medical centers. There are many reasons why we cannot ignore the usefulness of this subdivision of courier service. A courier service company gets a package from the sender to the recipient and ensures it’s in perfect […]

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