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Send a Cake Using a Courier Service in Los Angeles

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Sending Cakes and Baked Goods Using a Courier –

Before sending a cake, it should always be frozen. This will help the cake hold together and maintain its shape by setting the icing in place. It also helps to keep the cake chilly, which helps to keep it fresh. You should place the cake in the freezer for at least 12 to 24 hours before packaging it. This will ensure that it is entirely frozen.

Wrap the cake in plastic wrap until it’s completely coated and then wrap that layer in aluminum foil once it’s frozen. This will provide some support for the cake while also keeping the frigid temperatures inside the wrapper. During transportation, the cake will begin to thaw, which is exactly what you want. The cake will stay moist and fresh after thawing.

What is the Best Way to Ship a Cake?

Because you want the cake to arrive in good shape at its final destination, you must wrap it properly and treat it as a fragile commodity (because they actually are). These shipping instructions will ensure that your cake arrives in one piece.

In a Styrofoam Cooler, Place The Cake

The cake will be kept chilled by using a styrofoam cooler. To begin, place the cake in the refrigerator. Then, to keep the cooler nice and chilly, line the cake with frozen gel packs. Place the cooler in the refrigerator before wrapping the cake for the best results. This manner, the cooler will already be at the desired temperature, and the gel packs will perform more effectively. If a styrofoam cooler isn’t available, you can also…

Place The Cake in a Cake Box with a Unique Design

These are similar to styrofoam coolers in appearance. They’re composed of foam insulation to keep the inside cool, but they’re also carved into the shape of a cake. The majority of them also have frozen gel pack sections in the bottom.

Place The Cake and The Cooler in a Separate Box

The next step is to place the entire cooler in a cardboard box, regardless of which cooler you choose. Cover the bottom of the cardboard box with a layer of foam peanuts. The peanuts under the cake will prevent it from sliding around during shipping. Fill up any gaps with more foam peanuts after placing the cooler on top of the foam peanuts. Place another layer of foam peanuts on top of the cooler until it is totally full and secure. This should keep the cooler from moving around and causing damage to the cake.

Close the Box with Tape

Use packing tape and make careful to cover every seam with numerous layers. You don’t want your lone layer of tape to come undone, spilling your foam cooler and cake into the back of a vehicle somewhere.

Make a Mark on The Package

Because you don’t want the cake to be turned upside down, mark which side of the package is the top. You can use stickers or a permanent pen to do this. On every side of the box, write “THIS SIDE UP” and include arrows pointing to the top. Mark the box as perishable and fragile as well.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Shipping Method

You obviously want your cake to reach your customer as soon as possible. A longer shipping period merely increases the chance that your cake may be destroyed. Even while the cake may possibly survive a one- or two-day shipment period, you should use same-day shipping wherever possible. If you are unable to do so, overnight shipment is the next best option. This will cut down on shipping time and ensure that your cake arrives in good shape to your customer.

Make Your Client Aware of Your Strategy

Make sure your client knows what to expect when you’re thinking about how to ship a cake. Tell them what kinds of cakes you can ship, how long it will take to arrive, and when they can anticipate it. Your client should wait until the cakes have thawed and reached room temperature before consuming them because they are frozen.

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