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How Much Does Shipping a Pallet Cost?

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If you’re shipping multiple items at the same time, naturally, you want the most cost-efficient shipping method. Pallet shipping is, therefore, is a very good solution.

What is pallet shipping? It implies placing your goods onto a pallet and securing them using straps. Once they’re all packed and secured, the goods are then transported to their destination. Pallet shipping is great because your items are wrapped and protected so the risk of any damage is minimal.

Calculating The Cost

However, when it comes to the cost of shipping a pallet, several factors may impact the price. One of them is calculating the CBM (cubic meter volume) of your pallet. This is calculated by multiplying width, length, and height.

However, if you’re shipping bulky items that are light in weight, the shipping company may charge you differently. For items large in volume but light in weight, dimensional weight may be used to set a price.

The cost of shipping a pallet also depends on how your shipment is classified. There are standards established for shipping commodities that determine the freight class of a shipment.

Pallet Pricing

Pallet pricing is a method used by many shipping companies and it is by far the most beneficial one. Pallet pricing charges a standard price for a pallet, regardless of what the items shipped are. It’s a simplified method of pricing that is beneficial for all parties involved. It is also cost-effective so you can save money.

A standard price here refers to a pallet that weighs typically less than 1650lbs. If a pallet exceeds the weight limit, it will be shipped at a higher rate. The extra weight is simply added.

The average cost of shipping a standard pallet varies from company to company but you can expect to pay about $30 per pallet. Call or message SMExpress now for pricing on pallet shipping throughout southern California.

To understand more about how to ship a pallet in Los Angeles, check out this detailed guide.

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