5 Aug

The Difference Between a Courier and The Post Office

Everyone wants their mail delivered within the shortest time possible, and by the most secure carrier service. The major difference between regular mail delivery and courier mail is that the public post office delivers regular mail. On the other hand, private companies handle courier deliveries. Couriers operate within smaller areas than the public post office which makes it easy for them to meet the needs of their clients fast. Most people prefer courier services to regular mail for various reasons.

Why SMEX Is The Best Courier Service in SoCal

SMEX is a courier service based in LA and operating all over the SoCal area. It is one of the most trusted services by individuals and small business. Here, are reasons to try their services.

SMEX believes in the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. To achieve this, we’ve created a courier management system which ensures that all our are delivered on time. Our courier service operates 24 hours a day which makes it possible to send parcels at any time, day or night. Our drivers understand the region well which reduces the possibility of our couriers getting lost and delivering parcels late.

Large Operation Radius

SMEX is the only courier service in LA that has managed to extend its operations to the entire southern California region. We serve the following towns:

  • – Anaheim
  • – Beverly Hills
  • – Cerritos
  • – Downey
  • – Inglewood
  • – Glendale
  • – El Monte
  • – Santa Ana
  • – Malibu
  • – Pasadena

These are just ten of the 24 cities where our delivery services are stretched out around Southern California. We have smaller offices in all of the local towns to ensure that all deliveries are handled swiftly.

Services Offered by SMEX

Mail or message delivery is just one of the many services offered by SMEX. Our other services include cargo delivery, medical courier, route service, transport management, hand-carry courier, and legal courier among other services. Other services include ground trucking and cargo services.

The process of getting started with SMEX 24/7 is quite simple. You register on our website and explain the type of service that you need. We will give you a quote for the service, and as soon as you agree on the terms, you can hand us your package. We have drop off locations all over Los Angeles county which simplifies the operations.

SMEX has the most dedicated and informed staff when it comes to parcel delivery. Contact us for the easiest and most convenient courier and messenger service in LA.


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