15 May

What Are The Types of Courier Services?

We consider it paramount that you are fully abreast of the available services offered by most courier companies. Whether as a small-business owner or just for your personal use, being informed can go a long way in being prudent with money and time.

With the right information, you can decide which courier service best suits your needs at every instant. Sometimes you desire same-day delivery while at other times, you have the luxury to wait 3-5 days for your package to be delivered. Below are the courier services offered by most courier companies across the world:

Standard Courier: This involves the collection, sorting, and transferring of parcels to the nearest depot to your delivery point. Once it arrives at the depot, a van, motorbike, or even bicycle then completes the delivery process depending on the size of the package. The cost is average and quite affordable. Overnight delivery also falls under this category.

Same-day Express Courier: This service is the most expensive among all, the reason being that it involves pickup and delivery of your package on the same day without any delay. If you find yourself in such a situation where you have to meet a client’s dire need instantaneously, you should definitely consider it.

International Courier: In this case, overseas delivery is the main focus whereby packages and goods can be delivered across nations by air, sea, or land. The price here varies with respect to the size (weight) and mode of transport.

At SMEX, we deal in all forms of courier services discussed above and remain committed to meeting and beating your expectations when it comes to courier services. You can visit our website or put a call through today. Get a free quote now.

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