Why Laboratories Have Faith in Their Medical Courier
3 Dec

Why Laboratories Have Faith in Their Medical Courier

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Every laboratory requires a trustworthy medical courier to transport patient necessities such as specimens, medical records, photographs, and prescriptions. These items are delicate, irreplaceable, and life-saving. The most crucial component of transporting these items is ensuring that they remain in excellent condition from the time they are picked up until they reach their destination.

Unfortunately, several laboratories have difficulty trusting their courier service. Frequent excuses include late deliveries (which render the specimen ineligible for testing), a lack of visibility in delivery information, a tenuous or nonexistent chain of custody, and professionalism.

Having faith in your medical courier improves both the delivery experience and the laboratories’ capacity to focus on all aspects of patient care. Here are the attributes of medical couriers that make them trustworthy.

They Follow A Patient-First Methodology

The recipient of every delivery is a patient, and medical courier drivers act as a direct link between your clients and your business. Due to this experience, it is essential that drivers have expertise of customer service and represent a laboratory’s brand in the best way possible.

Working with a medical courier should strengthen their relationships with their clientele. The patients and healthcare professionals present will have a favorable impression of a driver who makes daily deliveries and regularly provides competent service.

They Provide a Complete Custody Chain

Even if you are shipping many items across multiple U.S. areas, having a medical courier with a complete chain of custody will ensure that every delivery is accounted for.

Remember that these are the fundamental services provided by a trusted medical courier to laboratories. The more functions they can offer to ensure a complete chain of custody, the better.

Here are some examples of customizability choices that should be made available to enhance security and safety.

– Reading and validating barcodes
– Reading and validating barcodes
– Taking a picture of the box when it arrives
– Obtaining the recipient’s signature when they arrive
– Confirming the name, age, and other information on the ID

We Hire Competent Drivers

According to laboratories that rely on medical couriers, drivers that pick up and deliver medical packages are highly professional. This professionalism includes HIPPA/OSHA-certified, background-checked drivers who are appropriately attired and come in marked vehicles.

In some instances, medical courier drivers engage directly with patients and clients; thus, your laboratory should always present itself in the most favorable light. To learn more about our Los Angeles courier services, please contact us.

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