17 Aug

Why You Should Use a Courier Service

Courier services are very different from standard mail delivery services because they are faster, secure and more affordable. If you need to have an important parcel delivered within a small time-frame, it is advisable to use a courier service like SMExpress. Here, are some of the benefits that come from using SMExpress courier services in Los Angeles.

Speedy Parcel Delivery in Los Angeles County

Our couriers always use the most convenient mode of transportation to deliver parcels to the desired destination. We even use motorcycles to navigate areas that are hard to access because of traffic and other constraints. When using standard mail delivery, you’ll have to wait longer because they usually have a lot of deliveries to make. Our couriers also give you the option to have your parcel delivered as a priority which further shortens the time it takes to deliver your package.

Secure Courier Services

The second benefit that comes with the use of our courier service is security. When you use our courier services, you’ll never lose your package between one point and the next. Most courier services have a small and manageable customer base. Our management teams knows all the details about what’s delivered at any particular time. Our system makes it simple to hold our couriers accountable for any losses. As a result, our couriers are very careful with everything they have to deliver for our clients.

Service Affordability and Prompt Courier Service

Our courier services have very few operational costs which makes us less expensive than regular mail delivery services. We also adjust the cost of our services upwards or downwards depending on the customer’s needs. Another great benefit of using our courier services is our promptness. If we promise to deliver a parcel within three hours, we’ll ensure that the delivery will occur within that time frame. It’s close to impossible to hear that our couriers did not make the delivery on time.

Most people prefer courier services because of their ease of use. Our courier services are localized, and you can easily hold us accountable for your packages. For instance, here at SMEX, we operate within Los Angeles county. If you want to send a parcel anywhere in southern California, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to learn more about our courier services and rates. We offer legal courier services, hand carry, medical courier services, route service and transportation management among other services. Call now to get started.


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