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Courier Service Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa residents are used to premiere services and immediate response times, and that’s why Costa Mesa and Southern California prefer SMEX 24/7 as their go-to courier and messenger service. With 30+ years of delivery experience, SMEX offers superior know-how and advanced features such as email confirmation. Contact SMEX 24/7 today with your courier and same day delivery needs.

Costa Mesa Messenger Services

What separates SMEX 24/7 from the other courier options for Costa Mesa residents? Experience. Reliability. Accountability. Our licensed, bonded, and insured drivers know the streets and traffic patterns of Orange County like the back of their hand. They’ll pick up your urgent packages and documents immediately, deliver as soon as you need it there, and provide you with instant email confirmation as soon as the delivery is completed. For nearby same day delivery, we also offer courier services in Anaheim and courier services in Santa Ana.

Costa Mesa Same Day Delivery

SMEX 24/7 can meet whatever delivery timetable you require. Need it there within two days? Not a problem. Need it there same day? Not a problem. We offer a comprehensive range of courier delivery services. Our Courier Express service offers nonstop delivery for those time-sensitive materials. Our Standard Economy Delivery provides same day delivery for packages ready for pickup before 10:30 am at very reasonable rates.

To send a package you can choose from various courier service providers that would like to deliver it to the desired destination for you in and around Costa Mesa. In the past, you only had the government postal service as a choice, but now you can select your courier service. You can also choose from different ways of sending. For example, it is possible to send packages with a same day courier service. This means that the items shipped will arrive at their destination the same day you sent it. However, that’s not the only benefit of shipping via a same day courier service provider. Your parcel will also receive special treatment from the delivery person, which reduces the chance that it will be lost.

Fastest at Delivery

The biggest advantage of using a same day courier service is of course that your package will arrive at its destination the same day. The package does not have to change hands several times to be delivered. The person who picks up the package from you is usually also the one who is responsible for delivery, so he or she can drive directly to the address where your package must go. Therefore, no faster delivery is possible. Unless maybe an emergency courier with a helicopter is found. For fast deliveries you can, for example, use a courier who mainly focuses on urgent shipments. They can find them in Costa Mesa and surroundings.

Special Care For Your Packages

Because the main goal of a same day courier is to have your package arrive at its destination as quickly as possible, your package will also benefit from special care. After all, the courier does not have his entire van full of boxes where your package can just get lost. Your package is therefore handled with great care. The chance of losing a package is also a lot smaller due to the special care. These are benefits of a same day courier that often comes in handy when the service is used for business purposes. Contact us to request a free quote.

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