14 Mar

4 Ways Packages Get Damaged During Transportation

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The client always wants delivery to be as rapid as possible when using courier services. Also, they request that the packages be handled with tremendous care throughout the journey.

At SMEX 24/7, we provide such services for our clients. The packages reach several stations and go through numerous employees until they are finally distributed to the clients. We can’t always monitor what happens in all the stations. Additionally, there are many components that can implicate the shipment.

The most popular ones include:

Road conditions – Many days there is traffic, simply from vehicular accidents and unexpected animals on the road and of course potholes. There are no lane markers, unmarked speed bumps and other vehicles being driven recklessly and at excessive speeds.

Weather – Some days rain falls so excessively that packages may not be delivered on the specific day or even time. Bad weather conditions also damage the packages when it is being delivered.

Warehousing conditions – Fire, flood or other natural disasters can arise when least expected. Similarly, this applies to any smaller incidents such as burglary.

Size and shape of your package – Bigger and heavier packages might damage smaller ones which don’t have sturdy packaging. Also, your packages can lose their original shape when in transit, especially when not protected and packed properly.

To protect your packages, always examine the weight, shape, and fragility of their contents. Sometimes the selected packaging is of poor quality or the wrong size. Your item should be protected against any turbulence or vibration it can experience during transport, but it should also be moved, lifted and carried easily.

Our professional team of couriers can help you ensure your items are securely packaged. Give us a call or send us a message on our website for more information.

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