23 Jan

5 Types of Courier Services

Have you figured out how quickly your packages need to be delivered? Selecting the right type of service is important as it depends on your shipping needs and your budget. The following are five services you can expect from a courier company.

1. Standard Courier Services

Couriers who offer the standard service will pack and load your items, sort packages if necessary, transport them to your designated location and unload them as well. This service is cost-effective and takes about a few days for your packages to be delivered.

2. Same-day Courier Services

If you have important documents to be shipped as soon as possible, then same day service is your first option. This is a very quick and efficient service but can end up being a bit costly. Business owners use this service for urgent transactions.

3. International Courier Services

To ship internationally, make sure you find a courier company that specializes in this type of delivery. They will transport your packages either via air freight and sea freight. They usually have access to tax discounts so that you can benefit from a very good rate.

4. Overnight Courier Services

Indecisive and have an urgent last-minute request? Then consider an overnight courier. You will pay a higher price than the standard service but your package will be delivered by the following day. Some of them will not deliver to all areas so make sure to find out.

5. Pallet and Warehouse Courier Services

You may have packages in large volumes to be delivered. You may also require the courier company to do some sorting and repackaging of your items. In many instances, courier companies that offer pallet services normally own their warehouse and storage and repacking can be additional services offered.

Choosing the right service will depend on your needs and your budget. If you are not sure which service is best for you, contact us at SMEX. We will be more than willing to guide you through

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