13 Jan

How Can Technology Help The Courier Service Industry?

In recent years, courier companies have introduced technology to accommodate new demands and increase efficiency and productivity. Global Positioning Software (GPS), online services, and hand-held devices are some of the major technologies that have impacted the courier service industry.

1. GPS

Many courier companies are utilizing GPS in their day-to-day operations. GPS has the advantage of allowing them to track packages as well as the location of their employees. They can also monitor their vehicles in real-time, even when no one is physically in the office. Data is recorded and clients can receive more accurate information on the location of their packages.

2. Online Services

As part of the online platform, clients are allowed to select services or products, schedule delivery, select packaging and method of payment. Online services help save time and money since the transactions can be made 24/7, which is convenient for clients. Courier companies that have embraced this technology have enabled you to access services like instant online quotations, labels, and real-time tracking. You can also receive an email notification prior to the delivery of a package to your home or office. Also, you can opt for e-commerce goods and services if you prefer to conduct business online.

3. Hand-held Devices

Handheld devices can be easily used to capture signatures of the persons receiving packages. They also store information that can be easily retrieved. Current hand-held devices come equipped with precision GPS and fast routing for easy communication with the office. The courier company can have a representative equipped with a device designed to manage shipment, save time and reduce the need for paper receipts. Clients are satisfied because they will obtain accurate and timely information.

Getting the job done has become so much easier with technology! At SMEX, we use modern methods to provide you with a comfortable courier experience. When you’re ready to send out your next package, give us a call or message us. We are ready to assist.

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