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Can I Send a Parcel in Los Angeles Without Packaging?

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Should You Send a Parcel Without Packaging? –

When shipping an item, it is, of course, important to deliver it without any damages. Some items are not so prone to damages but others are more fragile and, therefore, should be protected.

Most items you ship require packaging so no, you can’t send a parcel without it. There are some items that could be shipped without a box but those are very rare and the courier is unlikely to accept a parcel without packaging.

Will The Courier Package The Item For You?

Some courier companies do offer the service of packaging but most do not. This means that when sending a parcel, you must protect it properly so it doesn’t get damaged in the transportation. You can wrap it in paper or place it in a box. Bubble wrap is perfect for protecting fragile items, for example. You can use other materials to protect the parcel too as long as there is enough cushioning.

Even though couriers do their best to deliver a parcel safely to a location, they are not responsible for damage that is a result of poor packaging. When purchasing an item from an online store, the seller will ensure it is protected so that it arrives safely at the buyer’s address. However, if you’re sending an item or group of items, it is your job to ensure they are well protected to avoid damage during transportation.

Protect Your Packages

There are many factors that may damage a parcel such as improper handling, poor parcel protection (the box was too big or the item wasn’t wrapped properly) water and humidity, contamination (in case of shipping food), etc. Replacing a damaged item is costly and the chances of damage are not insignificant. This is why it is important to always send a parcel with packaging. Contact us if you need more information about packaging.


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