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Do Los Angeles Couriers Charge by Weight or Size?

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How Do Couriers Charge in Los Angeles –

Whether you use courier services frequently or haven’t used them yet, you might be confused as to how the charges are calculated. We know that the bigger the package, the costlier the shipping, but what exactly does that mean? Are charges calculated by weight or size?

This is a common confusion among clients as sometimes, when shipping a large but very light package, you get a much lower quote than for a small but heavy box. This is because courier companies sometimes charge by weight and sometimes by the actual dimensions of the package. The size of the package is also referred to as volumetric weight. Compared to the actual weight of a parcel, this may sound confusing.

Volumetric Weight is Important

Volumetric weight or the size of the package is important because space is a crucial factor in courier services. If a courier accepts a large, lightweight package, that means there will be less room for other, high-value shipments. Hence, the more space your parcel takes, the more expensive it would be for the courier company to ship it if they charged based on the actual weight.

For this reason, courier companies may charge you based on volumetric weight or the dimensions of your parcel. To sum it up, yes, courier companies use both methods to calculate charges: actual weight and volumetric size, but depending on the package.

Calculating Shipping Fee

When a courier picks up a package, the weight and dimensions (volumetric weight) are measured and whichever is higher, that is the method they will use to calculate the shipping fee. So yes, couriers charge both by weight and size but clients get a quote when they book courier services so if the price is too high for them, they can cancel the shipment. No additional cost.

At SMEX, we give clients free quotes for courier services so there are no hidden fees whatsoever. All our charges are transparent so you will know exactly how much it will cost to ship a parcel to a desired destination. Contact us now.


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