4 Jan

Can Your Packages Go Missing?

If you hired a reputable courier service to transport your items, it is hardly likely that your packages will go missing. If you packed your items yourself but used a courier service to load and transport your items, errors may occur. And these errors may have been made by you and are not the fault of the courier. Here are some reasons why errors occur or packages get lost.

Loose or Incorrect Labels

When you prepare your package, it is important to properly label it. In this way, they can easily be tracked by you and the courier service. The following issues can arise so make sure your label is secured to your package and has the correct information:

  • The glue you use does not adhere properly to the box.
  • The marker is not a permanent one so the words get smudged or rub off.
  • The label is not visible.
  • The package has the wrong label.

Wrong Shipping Address

It is the duty of the courier service to deliver your package to the address you have provided. If you provide an incorrect address, your package could be misplaced since the courier is unaware of the error.

Unreachable Recipient

Some companies may try to track your items. But this process can be costly and time-consuming. Also, if there was no one to receive the package, it may be returned to you.

Company Error

Sometimes the courier company is at fault or is liable for lost or damaged packages. In that case, they will be required to compensate you through their damage control plan.

These situations can be very frustrating but they can be avoided. If you need help preparing your packages, SMEX can help. Our trained staff will help you secure your packages and ensure they get to their destination on time. Give us a call today or message us.


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