12 Apr

3 Reasons Why The Workplace is The Best Place to Deliver Packages

Have you ever seen news reports of package theft outside of homes? Home cameras have recorded persons stepping onto homeowners’ premises and escaping with their packages. Customers have even publicly complained about the manner in which their packages are being delivered. Not only have thieves been identified on cameras, but also delivery workers who intentionally left packages on porches and doorsteps. They either made no attempt to contact the homeowner or they pre-signed the delivery without the homeowner’s consent.

Have Any of These Scenarios Happened to You?

In all of these situations, your packages are left unattended and can be stolen. To prevent this from happening to you, consider using your work address for deliveries. Here are three reasons why.

  1. – You are most likely at your workplace during delivery hours. So, you will most likely be available to personally collect your package. You will also be able to ensure it is in good condition before signing.
  2. – You can quickly confirm that you received the correct package. You will be able to open the package and ensure that you have received the correct items. If it is the wrong package, you can quickly return it with the courier. If there are missing items, you can immediately contact the sender.
  3. – Delivery time is critical. You may have ordered a gift for a co-worker’s birthday or an item for a special work event. You want to have ample time to gift wrap it. Delivery at your workplace will prevent any time delays and ensure you present the item on time.

Having your package delivered to your workplace ensures the safety of your package as well as the accuracy of its contents. Make sure and get proper approvals from your employer about receiving packages at work.

At SMEX 24/7, we will ensure your packages land safely in your hands. Give us a call or message us for your next delivery.

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