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Refrigerated Van Courier Services in Los Angeles

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At SMEX 24/7, we provide registered van courier services to our Los Angeles customers. Whether it’s fresh produce or other food items that require a cold space, our experienced drivers will help you.

Safe delivery of your items is of paramount importance to us. We follow strict guidelines before, during and after the trip. Here are some measures we take.

  • Before loading goods, we ensure the van is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We also inspect and sanitize our moving equipment. These measures are in an effort to prevent your items from being contaminated.
  • We pre-cool the van before loading. We plug in the van to our cooling system and let the engine run for a while. This step is important to ensure the storage area remains cool on the trip.
  • We do not over pack the van and abide by clear guidelines regarding commingling of foods. This measure is to avoid cross-contamination.
  • We check the fans and vents to make sure they are not blocked. We usually leave at least an inch of space between the walls of the van and your goods. This is very important because if there is a problem with the airflow, it can warm your goods.
  • For proper weight distribution, we load heavy items first. This will keep your lighter items from being damaged. It will also prevent your goods from toppling over.
  • While we are unloading, we switch off the van. When the doors are open, the evaporator will continue to blow out cold air while hot air enters. This action causes an increase in temperature and could lead to unnecessary spoilage.

Our dedicated team at SMEX 24/7 are ready to assist you. Our same day refrigerated van courier services guarantee safe and prompt delivery. Feel free to contact us today.


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