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What Are the Different Types of Freight?

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There are different types of freight, depending on the size of your shipment. Below are the most common types of freight.

1. Less Than Truckload (LTL)

As the name suggests, Less Than Truckload is for shipments smaller than a truckload. One of the most economical methods of shipping goods, LTL transports smaller items. This method of shipping goods implies that the goods are shipped along with other freight shipments so it’s very cost-effective. The Less Than Truckload shipping method is for items ranging from 100 pounds and up.

2. Volume LTL

Volume LTL refers to shipments that exceed the capacity and limits of LTL but are too small to be qualified as a full truckload. This applies to items that are light but large-volume (take up a lot of space), different freight charges apply.

3. Full Truckload

This method of shipping goods implies using up all the space in a truck to transport goods. It’s not the most cost-effective method, but it’s very convenient for unpackaged and over-sized items or goods that require special conditions such as refrigeration. This method of shipping items is usually faster when compared to LTL because the truck is only carrying your goods so there are no transfers in between.

4. Intermodal

This is another common type of freight that could be quite cost-effective. Intermodal freight shipment uses containers to transport goods to their destinations using various means of transportation (ship, rail). With this method of shipment, there is no direct handling of the goods because items are placed in enclosed containers.

5. Expedited

This method is perfect for shipments that are time-sensitive so they need to be delivered as fast as possible. Expedited freight implies that your goods are prioritized so the truck does not stop anywhere until it reaches its destination. Expedited freight shipments usually take between 1 and 5 days.

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