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What Is Freight Shipping?

Originally, the term freight referred to goods being transported via trucks and trains only, but the term is nowadays used to denote many things. Freight shipping refers to the transportation of goods via trucks, trains, planes, and ships.

Items are loaded onto pallets or containers and are then transported using one of the above mentioned methods of transportation (trucks, trains, ships, planes).

Freight Shipping Methods

You may be wondering as to what classifies as a freight shipment. A shipment weighing over 150 pounds is typically classified as freight shipment. There are several methods of transporting freight shipments but the most common ones are:

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Full Truckload (FTL)
  • Intermodal
  • Expedited

LTL freight shipping method is for smaller shipments that do not take up the entire truckload. It is a very cost-efficient shipping method reserved for items weighing 100 pounds and up. Your shipment is placed together with other shipments and the truck makes stops along the way to deliver them. This may not be the quickest shipping option.

FTL or Fill Truckload refers to shipments large enough to take up the entire truck. This shipping method is more secure as there is less handling (your shipment isn’t unloaded and loaded multiple times as the truck makes stops).

Intermodal shipping uses containers that are loaded onto ships or rails and transported with no direct handling. This is also a very cost-effective shipping option.

Finally, the expedited shipping method is for time-sensitive goods and they are typically delivered within 5 days or less. While it’s slightly more expensive to ship your goods this way, it does provide the highest level of protection because the truck doesn’t stop anywhere until it delivers the goods.

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Freight shipping has many benefits because it allows you to safely transport your goods while also saving money. Contact SMExpress for more information about our freight shipping services in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. After understanding what freight shipping is, you might want to know how long freight shipping takes.


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