8 Aug

How Long Does Freight Shipping Take?

There are many courier services available in the market but as a customer, you would choose the service provider that delivers your freight on time, safely, and to the right destination and person. SMEX 24/7 is the courier service available 24 hours and 7 days a week that delivers the freight on the same day anywhere in Southern California. We offer you a variety of options to send your package timely.

Delivery Time

The delivery time of freight depends upon the various factors. If the destination is near it takes less time. If your destination is within the city it would take less time than shipping it to another city. Similarly, the time increases with an increase in distance.

The next important factor is the mode you choose. You are given several options by the service providers from which you can choose according to your package. If it is to be delivered within the city and the package is small-sized then it can be delivered via van and if the package is a large size box then trucks are used. In this regular service provided by them, your goods are delivered within three to five hours in the vicinity of Los angles provided your order is ready before 3 pm.

Urgent Freight Delivery

In case you need the freight to be delivered urgently, you can opt for our express courier service. In this service, the package is picked up within twenty minutes and generally, the goods are delivered on the deadline provided by the client, given the traffic and the conditions allow it.

If you are looking to deliver your goods the same day anywhere in Southern California then you can opt for our economy courier service. To avail this service you need to make sure that the freight is ready before 10:30 am. It is picked up within an hour and is delivered to the destination by 5 pm safely.

They make sure that your freight is delivered without any damage, received by the right person to whom it is meant for and to the right destination. Contact us for more information about our freight delivery service. Shipping times can vary, especially during the holiday season. Learn more about Los Angeles holiday shipping services here.


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