15 Aug

What’s The Best Way To Ship Cold Food Overnight?

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If you’re looking for a courier service that ships your cold food within a one day, then you’re at the right place. SMEX 24/7 is the courier service that not only delivers your food overnight, but also makes sure that it is delivered at the right location in good condition. Our service is available 24 hours and 7 days a week so you can send your order anytime any day.

Shipping Perishable Items

To ship cold food and perishable items, you need a transport service that keeps it cold. The temperature inside the transport vehicle should be maintained in such a way that food neither gets rotten and nor gets spoiled. We provide you the best service that delivers your cold food fresh to the given destination overnight. The cold food is shipped in the refrigerated van. The temperature inside this van is maintained to keep the food cool. We also ensure that the food is safely delivered to the given destination and the right person receives it.

We provide our customers with various options from which they can choose according to the time they want their cold food package to be delivered. If you are looking to get your food to be delivered overnight or on any other specific day that you provide, we ensure that it is delivered at the given time.

Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping means delivery of the freight on the next business day. If you opt for our food courier service, then you can get your food delivered on the deadline you provide us. Your food is picked up within twenty minutes and is delivered anywhere in Southern California provided traffic and other conditions allow. We’ll be sure to get you an estimated delivery time in advance.

If you are looking for professional courier in Los Angeles that has years of experience in delivering perishable cargo, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer same day delivery and never day delivery anywhere in Southern California and Orange County.

Estimated Delivery Times

SMEX 24/7 can have you package picked up in an hour and delivered by 5 pm. We can also deliver your food items within three to five hours depending upon the distance, and if you place your order before 3 pm. SMEX 24/7 is among the best courier services for the delivery of goods in Southern California. Contact us now to request a free quote on our refrigerated van courier services.


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