17 Jul

How To Ship Frozen & Perishable Goods?

Ship Frozen and Perishable Goods –

Shipping frozen food, catering, and other perishable items can be tricky because the goods must be well protected and arrive fast at it’s destination while the items are still fresh.

If you’re a merchant who sells frozen or perishable items, understanding the process of shipping such items properly is of the utmost importance for your business. You want the food to arrive safely to the intended location and be safe to consume.

Safe transportation of frozen and perishable items requires proper conditions. Temperature and humidity are crucial factors here. That is why such goods are shipped in refrigerated vans. Not all courier companies offer this service and some perishable items can be shipped using dry ice. However, using refrigerated vans for shipping frozen goods will ensure that they stay in the same condition as when picked up.

To ensure your frozen or perishable items arrive safely to its destination, there are several steps you need to take:

  • Plan your shipment well. Timing is very important with items that can spoil easily. Shipment time should be under 30 hours.
  • Pack the frozen items properly to protect them from external factors. Items should be packed in plastic bags.

There are several types of packaging you can use for this:

You can use dry ice boxes to keep the temperature low. Insulated foam containers are a great option or even gel packs. Whatever you do, don’t use frozen water.

Ensure items are shipped in refrigerated vans with a reliable courier service. If possible, find a courier who offers same day delivery services. That way, you can be sure that your perishable items won’t go bad during transportation.

Many courier companies offer perishable and frozen items delivery but if you’re looking for a fast, reliable service in Los Angeles, you should research the company before shipping your items. Contact us for more information.

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