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Tips for Packing and Shipping Bulky Items

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For merchants, shipping bulky items can be costly and challenging. Many of these items are big in size but very lightweight and compared to other small, heavier packages, this presents a challenge both for packing and shipping.

When shipping bulky items, it is important to avoid unnecessary costs that may result from damage during transportation. This is why efficient packaging is crucial.

The shipper is responsible for packing the items and ensuring they can endure the transportation without damage. In fact, some courier service companies will refuse to ship your item if it isn’t properly protected.

Humidity, changing temperature, compression…all these factors can cause damage to the items so you should pay attention to the packing process to avoid that.

The packaging should be strong and able to endure the weight of countless other packages on top of it. For bulky items, it is best to use corrugated cartons.

Additional Protection For Shipping Bulky Items

For an additional layer of protection, you can add some cushioning by placing bubble foam inside the box. Place the bulky item in the center of the box to ensure it won’t move during transportation. Use water-activated tape to seal the package properly. This way, you can be certain that the box won’t open under the pressure of other items.

Separately wrap components. The box should not be too heavy nor should all the components be placed all together in the same box. If a box is heavily loaded, it is more likely to break. Consider wrapping the different components separately and using several boxes instead of one. This will ensure the items are maximally protected.

Finally, ensure that the items inside a box cannot move around. There shouldn’t be room for that as there are higher chances that items will break.

When shipping bulky items, follow the tips provided and make sure your shipments arrive safely to their destination. Contact us now for more information. While packing bulky items, it’s also worth considering the cheapest way to ship large items.

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