31 Jul

Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Tips for Packing – Some items are more fragile than others and therefore, require extra protection. Things such as humidity, temperature or rough handling can damage your items. When you’re a merchant who makes a living selling such items, it is essential that you understand how to properly pack and ship fragile items so that […]

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21 Jul

How to Pick a Good Delivery Service?

Pick a Good Delivery Service – Whether you’re a merchant or just an individual shipping items somewhere, you want them to arrive safely to the destination. If the goods are damaged in the transportation, it is you who covers the cost and needs to replace the item. On the other hand, the speed of delivery […]

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17 Jul

How To Ship Frozen & Perishable Goods?

Ship Frozen and Perishable Goods – Shipping frozen food, catering, and other perishable items can be tricky because the goods must be well protected and arrive fast at it’s destination while the items are still fresh. If you’re a merchant who sells frozen or perishable items, understanding the process of shipping such items properly is […]

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12 Jul

Tips for Packing and Shipping Bulky Items

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Packing and Shipping Services in Los Angeles – For merchants, shipping bulky items can be costly and challenging. Many of these items are big in size but very lightweight and compared to other small, heavier packages, this presents a challenge both for packing and shipping. When shipping bulky items, it is important to avoid unnecessary […]

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3 Jul

What’s the Cheapest Way to Ship Large Items?

Shipping Large Items in Los Angeles – Shipping items can be costly, depending on the size/weight of the goods you’re sending. If you’re an online merchant, you probably ship large items frequently. Sending large items is tricky because they might not weigh a lot but they take up a lot of space so different courier […]

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