14 Dec

Questions To Ask a Courier Company

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Courier Service

How long have you been in the Courier business?

Look for a reputable company that is highly experienced and has the ability to deliver your documents on time.

Do you have reliable, well-trained drivers?

You want to feel confident that your items will be delivered by drivers who have the knowledge and expertise to handle any request. Also, find out if they are familiar with special requirements.

What technologies do you use?

Up-to-date technologies keep customers informed. Find out if they use mobile apps, order tracking, on-line requests, 24-hr service, signature verification or email confirmation.

What delivery options are available?

Find out what type of packages they deliver and if they offer same-day, routine, weekend and holiday pic- up and delivery.

What is in place if something goes wrong?

Ask if they provide financial compensation for damaged and stolen property. An effective courier service must have a damage control plan which will include license, bonded and insured drivers.

What’s your price structure?

Find out if they have a standard price or if prices are based on weight, size, and location. Another factor to consider is whether the company offers discounts for bulky items.

What is your proof of delivery?

Ask companies if they provide signature verification or email confirmation when packages are delivered.

What happens if the recipient is not around to sign for delivery?

Find out if they store the package in a secured location or allow someone else to accept it on the recipient’s behalf. After you compare several companies, you can make an informed decision. At SMEX 24/7, you are guaranteed that we will ensure your packages are delivered safely and within a reasonable time. Contact us to learn more.


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