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SMEX 24/7 – A Cut Above the Rest

Everything we do at SMEX is with you, our customers, in mind. We take pride in our excellent customer service and care by working with you through every step of your courier experience. What makes us unique? See five reasons below.

Reliable Personnel

Receive a quotation via email or speak directly with one of our trustworthy representatives who will guide you through the entire process. Details such as package size, routine or one-time deliveries, collection and delivery times in Los Angeles or internationally, can be discussed with our dependable team members. We also pride ourselves on providing personnel to Hand-Carry your packages for on-time delivery.

On-time Delivery

SMEX boasts of a guaranteed on-time single package or truckload delivery. If there is any unforeseen weather or other circumstances that may cause a slight delay, you will be immediately notified. However, our courier service is fast, reliable and has been serving Southern California since 1984.

Signature Capture

This service tells the customer who signed for receipt of the package and the date and time that the package is delivered. This system allows the recipient to sign on a mobile device. The GPS coordinates show proof that the driver is in the correct location and the signature is time-stamped and stored in our database.

Fully Insured

Our drivers are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our courier insurance protects the value of your package, in case the package is stolen or damaged while in transit. We take out bonding which is also considered a type of insurance. In the event that one of our employees commits a crime, which is highly unlikely, you will be financially compensated for your loss.

Email Confirmation

Your schedule is our priority. As such, when your recipient collects your package, you will receive a confirmation email which is verification of the delivery. It usually contains the recipient’s signature as well as date and time the package was delivered.

Our service at SMEX 24/7 is second to none. Have a package to deliver? Contact us today.


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