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Shipping Restriction in Los Angeles, California

Shipping Restrictions –

We’ve been’shipping’ things back and forth across valleys and mountains since the beginning of the United States Postal Service. Sending care packages and gifts is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Or perhaps leftovers from your childhood. Or souvenirs from your travels. We enjoy sending items to others because we want to share our surroundings with them. Especially those who live a long distance away.

Whatever you’re sending, make sure there are no shipping restrictions on the items in your outgoing packages. Shipping restrictions apply to all services, including USPS, FedEx, and other carriers. These limitations range from restrictions on items and how they are packaged to those that may be considered illegal activity.

We’re here to break down a list of shipping restrictions from around the world so you can rest easy when sending something in doubt. Continue reading to find out more.

Shipping Restrictions Apply to Alcoholic Beverages

It is strictly prohibited to ship alcoholic beverages via the United States Postal Service. This rule is not subject to exceptions. If you must ship alcohol, you must first learn about your state’s specific guidelines and regulations.

If you are licensed to ship alcohol, you can generally ship it via FedEx. UPS does not accept beer or alcohol shipments for consumer delivery. However, depending on the nature of the transaction, UPS does ship between certain states.

It is critical to wrap alcohol in several layers of soft packaging when shipping it to prevent leaks if it breaks or becomes compromised. In addition, you must include the Adult Signature Required option on your shipping package. When the Adult Signature Required option is selected, the recipient must present their ID at the time of delivery.

To avoid penalties associated with these regulations that recommend you don’t ship in volume, you should try to send only a few bottles of alcohol at a time.


You can ship breakable items, but it is strongly advised that you package the materials appropriately. Depending on the value of what you’re shipping, insurance may be required. Even if shipping companies take the best care of your packages, accidents do happen and breakables do break.

Follow the packaging instructions provided by your carrier. Most carriers recommend choosing a box that is at least two inches larger in all directions than the item you are packaging. Then, put three inches of padding on the bottom and three more inches of padding on top of the item(s). Padding materials such as bubble wrap or peanuts should be used. Something that can withstand impact, such as a fall.

Electronics and computers

The post office frequently asks if you are shipping items containing lithium or ion batteries because these items have shipping restrictions.

Computers and electronics frequently use lithium or ion batteries and can be shipped via any carrier. You’ll need to learn about each carrier’s shipping restrictions based on how and what you’re shipping. It will also depend on where it is going, which may incur additional charges.

Batteries, in general, should remain in the shipping device, and they should be small batteries. Check the shipping restrictions with your carrier if you’re shipping something with a particularly large battery. You should probably insure electronics and technology items because they can be easily damaged, even if they are well packed.

Baked Goods and Perishables

It’s fine to send perishable foods and crafts, but pack them carefully and appropriately. You’ll also need to choose faster shipping so that the items don’t spoil in transit. Check with your carrier to see how you should package food items, especially if they must be kept cold.

Hazardous Materials and Firearms

The use of firearms and ammunition is prohibited by the United States Postal Service. FedEx will ship firearms as defined by the 1968 Gun Control Act of the United States, but only between licensed importers. Individuals are permitted to ship to licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers. Similarly, these importers and others may ship to individuals.

UPS accepts next-day air shipments of handguns. Rifles and shotguns can be shipped via UPS ground service. Gasoline and explosives are examples of hazardous materials. You are not permitted to ship these items with any carrier. This rule does not have any exceptions. Hazardous material shipping restrictions are still in effect in the commercial sector and should not be violated. Contact us for more information

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