7 Oct

The Advantages of Using Air Freight Services

Using Air Freight Services in Los Angeles –

Because the cost of shipping is so low in the United States, we automatically look for savings abroad. This is one of the reasons why air freight services can appear so starkly different. That would be a squandered opportunity in many shipping scenarios involving lower volumes.

There are numerous advantages to shipping air freight, not just the speed of delivery. Many industries, including automotive, interior design, electronics, construction, and others, prefer air freight. Air freight transports goods worth up to six trillion dollars around the world. In fact, this accounts for more than 35% of total trade.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten benefits to help you understand how valuable air freight services can be for both personal and business needs.

Unrivaled Speed

When time is of the essence, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than air freight services. In that regard, sea and land freight will always be significantly slower and unreliable. Although some freight services may advertise comparable delivery rates, there is no guarantee.

Consistency in Arrival and Departure

Tracking your package and adhering to the promised delivery times is simple with air freight services. You can see which flight it is on, when it takes off, and when it returns. Your package could be anywhere until it arrives at a major hub via land or sea freight.

A missed flight does not necessitate an extra day of waiting for air freight services. On average, planes fly every hour. Customs fees can be reduced in addition to the fewer hops involved with air travel.

Customs, harbor fees, and other taxes can quickly add up when shipping small quantities of packages. You may be paying air freight rates while receiving your packages several weeks later.

Flexibility in Global Shipping

When shipping via air freight, you have more delivery options. Using sea and land freight necessitates passing through major transportation networks. This frequently excludes smaller countries from the global picture.

Opening more doors to more parts of the world means having a broader reach and serving more customers.

Insurance Premiums Are Low

Air freight premiums are lower on average than other modes of shipping due to shorter transit times. The less time your package is in transit, the less likely it will be lost or stolen.

It is also more reassuring for both parties if your package passes through fewer hands.

Higher Security Standards

Not only does your package make fewer stops on average, but air freight services also prioritize security and tracking. Because airport safety and security is a top priority, your package will be handled with care. Your packages are far less likely to be stolen from an airport than from a port or postal hub. Contact us for more information.

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