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Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Tips for Packing –

Some items are more fragile than others and therefore, require extra protection. Things such as humidity, temperature or rough handling can damage your items. When you’re a merchant who makes a living selling such items, it is essential that you understand how to properly pack and ship fragile items so that they arrive in one piece to the recipient. Below, we have provided a few tips for packing fragile items that will come in handy:

Wrap, Wrap, Wrap

When packing fragile items, make sure to use enough wrapping material to protect the items well. Bubble wrap is a great material for this as it provides enough cushioning. You can use other protective materials such as paper. The important thing is to wrap them well and cover every part of the item. However, make sure you don’t wrap too tightly because that increases the chances of breaking during transportation.

Pack Items Separately

If you’re shipping multiple items, it is best to pack them separately. Place each item in protective material and a separate box. This way, you’ll ensure that they arrive safely. Placing multiple items together increases the chances of breaking.

Pick Boxes of The Correct Size

For shipping fragile items, it is best to use boxes rather than envelopes or bags because a box will protect the item better. But the size of the box matters too. The box should be big enough to have room for cushioning (protective material) but not too big so that the item can bounce around. It might break more easily that way.

Seal Them Well

Once you’ve wrapped the items and placed them in boxes, seal them properly. Use tape to do that. We recommend using water-activated tape for this purpose. It is important to use enough tape and seal the box well because otherwise, the box could open during transportation and the item can get damaged. Contact us for help with your shipping and shipping.

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