21 Sep

What Does a Messenger Service Company Do?

Messenger services and courier services are closely related, but are they the same thing? Often, you find people confusing both terms and using them interchangeably. So is a messenger service, and how does it differ from a courier service? Knowing the difference between the two is necessary if you want the best from your delivery service provider.

What’s a Messenger Service?

Messenger service, just like its name, is a service you use when sending packages to any person or place. Anyone can make use of the service to send packages to someone in the same location as the sender. Messenger services and courier services are alike. You can say that they’re synonyms since you use both terms when relating to package delivery.

The difference between both terms is usually in the services rendered. a messenger service is used when referring to a small local business that engages in local delivery. These businesses are responsible for delivering products to individuals and business owners in an area.

What’s a Courier Service?

A courier service is used for large businesses that engage in international package delivery. For example, using FedEx and DHL you can employ both services when you are sending a package to a different part of the world. Messenger services employ bikes and delivery vans to send their packages while courier services make use of airplanes and ships to send packages across the world.

You can also employ a messenger service to send international packages, but the chances are that they’ll forward your package to their partner courier service for delivery. Messenger services are fast becoming a more popular form of product delivery. Since products can be packaged and delivered on the same day, they are a better option than going through the large courier companies that may have to wait a day before sending out your package.

Los Angeles Professional Courier Services

A courier service employs a more professional approach to product delivery. You can expect them to since they have a reputation to uphold. We’re not saying that a messenger service isn’t reliable, but when it comes to safe handling and delivery of packages, you can expect a professional courier company like SMExpress to get the job done. Courier companies have more vehicles, handlers and are usually more experienced when it comes to product delivery.

Anyone can make use of a messenger service to get their package delivered. You’ll have to decide which one is suitable for you to use. Contact us today to request a free quote on our courier and messenger services in Los Angeles and Orange County.


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