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22 May

What is a National Courier Service?

Just as the name implies, National Courier services are the biggest and largest service providers in the courier business. We discovered that people are often confused about regional and national courier services. Unlike the former, National Courier services are characterized by larger transport network spanning across the entirety of a country and beyond. Understanding what […]

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7 May

How Do You Request Courier Service?

If you have always wanted to try out a courier service but find it hard to initiate the process, then this is for you. We believe it is essential that you know the rudiments as far as courier services are concerned. Having this requisite knowledge allows ordering a courier service an easy-peasy one. Once you […]

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12 Feb

Preparing Electrical Items For Courier Delivery

Are you selling or sending a gift? If your items are electrical, there are restrictions, so find out what items your courier can deliver. How you package electronics is vital for safe delivery. Because electrical items are delicate, they’ll need special care. Let’s look at a few ways to protect your package. Protective Packaging Below […]

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7 Dec

SMEX 24/7 – A Cut Above the Rest

Everything we do at SMEX is with you, our customers, in mind. We take pride in our excellent customer service and care by working with you through every step of your courier experience. What makes us unique? See five reasons below. Reliable Personnel Receive a quotation via email or speak directly with one of our […]

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21 Sep

What Does a Messenger Service Company Do?

Messenger services and courier services are closely related, but are they the same thing? Often, you find people confusing both terms and using them interchangeably. So is a messenger service, and how does it differ from a courier service? Knowing the difference between the two is necessary if you want the best from your delivery […]

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