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What to Do and Not to Do When Shipping Fragile Items in Los Angeles

Everyone has experienced the horror of opening a package to discover that the item you ordered or received from a loved one was damaged or lost during transit. You may conclude, based on that experience, that shipping delicate objects is risky, or that their safe arrival has more to do with handling than packing.

Neither of these statements are right. When shipping fragile goods, there are a variety of options for minimizing the risk of damage. If you have the right supplies and follow these shipping tips for delicate products, you can rest assured that they will arrive safely.

Collect The Proper Supplies Before Shipping in Los Angeles

Gathering the required supplies is the first step in shipping fragile products. Taking shortcuts or using low-quality materials can expose your products to harm. “What packing materials should I use for fragile items?” you may ask. You may already have some supplies on hand, such as scissors.

You’ll need foam peanuts, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and stretch film for packaging. Packing tape and an inexpensive adhesive, such as Scotch or masking tape, are also needed.

Bubble mailers can be appropriate for shipping products that are only slightly fragile. Use a durable cardboard box for most delicate objects. It’s important that you choose one that’s big enough to carry your padded item but not so big that it needs a lot of extra padding to protect the contents from jostling around.

The amount of padding and insulation you apply to your item can be affected by the distance it travels. The longer it goes, the further maneuvering it necessitates.


Now, let’s talk about how to package delicate objects. Wrap the product in a sheet of thin bubble tape first. To keep it in place, use simple tape. Then, on the outside, wrap an extra layer of big bubble tape. Seal the box with a final layer of stretch film.

Wrap the items loosely rather than tightly, as the added pressure can cause them to break. If you’re packing a hollow object, stuff it with packing paper or foam peanuts to keep the outside pressure at bay.

If the object has sharp edges, such as a picture frame or a jewelry chest, add extra padding. Wrap each item individually if you’re mailing several items in the same package. This prevents them from rubbing against each other and chipping.

Consider putting your bundled goods inside a plastic bag if your shipment will be moving in rain or other inclement weather. This is an easy and inexpensive method of keeping moisture out. Boxing and arrange the item inside the mailing box as neatly as possible. Fill the empty spaces around it with packaging paper or peanuts. The aim is to keep the wrapped objects as still as possible during transportation.

After that, use packing tape to seal the package. Use the H-tape process, which involves running strips of tape along the box’s top open edges and middle seam. Finally, write “fragile” on the sides and top of the box with a black pen (leaving enough room for shipping labels). It should be wide enough for delivery drivers to see from any angle. If it’s essential for your package to stay upright during shipping, make a note of it on the package.

A Word on the Weather When Shipping in Los Angeles

Many people wrongly believe that handling is to blame for the majority of parcel injury. Choose a reliable shipping provider that will treat it with extreme caution. Inclement weather, on the other hand, is one of the leading causes of package harm.

Even if your mail carrier does everything possible to keep the package dry, exposure to rain, snow, or other forms of precipitation increases the likelihood of the cardboard box degrading. Extremely cold or hot temperatures can also have an effect on your mailed products. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and try to prevent any extreme weather that might compromise the integrity of your package.

Insurance is a Form of Protection When Shipping in Los Angeles

There’s always a risk that something will go wrong, no matter how well you pack your piece. Determine if you need insurance based on the contents’ worth. Even though you have taken every precaution to secure delivery of your goods, buying the appropriate amount of insurance would ensure that you are compensated if the unforeseeable occurs.

Locate a Reputable Courier like SMEX in Los Angeles

Regardless of how often you ship delicate objects, doing some research to find a reliable courier service is worthwhile. Check out online reviews to see what others have to say, and make sure they have a lot of shipping experience.

Courier services face a lot of competition, and each shipment puts their integrity on the line. A good one will do everything possible to ensure that your things arrive in good condition.

Ship Fragile Items with Confidence with SMEX in LA

Now that you know how to ship delicate objects properly, you can be assured that they will arrive in the same condition as you sent them. You will have peace of mind by properly packaging your item and entrusting it to our trained shipping couriers. You’ll know you did everything in your power to ensure it arrived safely.

Our team will be happy to provide you with online quotes and answer any questions you might have about our company or the shipping process. Contact us now

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