21 Aug

Why Do Couriers Cost More Than Normal Mail?

If you want to get something delivered somewhere, you will come across the two main options; couriers and normal mail. To understand why couriers cost more than normal mail, first, we need to understand what both options offer us.

Normal Mail Service

Normal mail is the public postal service through which your parcels are sent from one place to another. Couriers is a service that also delivers your parcels from one place to another. However, courier service is considered a more reliable option when compared to normal mail because of its high-quality service and safety. The delivery time of courier service is less compared to normal mail. To provide this high-quality service, couriers need the best support staff, workers, and equipment. This makes couriers a more costly service as compared to normal mail.

Wide Range of Packages Delivered

You can get a variety of items delivered through couriers that the USPS will not accept. This includes cold food, time sensitive legal documents, and many more which increases the cost. It also covers a wide range of areas and delivering in distant places which increases the expense.

24/7 Courier Services

SMEX 24/7 is a courier service that is available 24 hours and 7 days a week for you. We are one of the best courier services in Southern California ensuring timely and safe delivery of the goods. We work extremely hard to fulfill our commitments with the clients and make sure to deliver your goods on the deadline provided by you.

You can send your legal documents, cold food, medical papers, and many more anywhere in Southern California. We provide same-day delivery of goods which makes us one of the best in the area. Providing such high-quality service makes us a bit expensive as compared with normal mail, but we are still quite affordable compared to other couriers in Los Angeles. Contact us now to get more information about our high-quality courier service.


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