Courier Services in El Monte, CA

A thriving city in California, El Monte is adapting to its growing population. But if you run a business that requires delivery, you might run into bad traffic on those busy streets. SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service can pick up and deliver your packages to any destination in Southern California. Also, we have a variety of courier options available to satisfy. We are invested in lightening your workload as a business-oriented El Monte citizen. When you’ve finally had enough of delivering your own packages during rush hour or using a big name delivery company that lacks customer service, contact SMEX 24/7. Tell us when to show up and in what kind of vehicle. We’ll give you a price quote over the phone, and you don’t pay a dime until your package has been delivered safely and efficiently. We’ve been doing this for 30 years.

Check out the complete list of courier delivery locations that we service in Southern California. For nearby same day delivery, we offer messenger services in Downey CA and messenger services in Orange County.

Messenger Services in El Monte CA

We have drivers all over Southern California. That means we have access to cars, trucks and vans throughout various cities. Our drivers are licensed, bonded and insured. Their top priorities are efficiency, security and professionalism. Most of the time, our drivers are able to navigate and avoid traffic. That’s why we guarantee On-Time Delivery anywhere in SoCal. In those rare moments when traffic is impossible for even us driving professionals, we always contact you immediately. On top of that, we accommodate scheduled deliveries, last minute deliveries, and express deliveries. Check out our courier delivery services to find out more about all the different services we offer.

El Monte Same Day Deliveries

Do you have a specific budget? Great! Don’t let your budget be a reason to avoid calling us. Since we have a range of delivery services, we can accommodate most budgets with ease. Our Express, Hot Rush Delivery offers nonstop for those time-sensitive materials. We also have Standard Economy Delivery that provides same day delivery at very reasonable rates.

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