5 Courier Myths Debunked
9 Feb

5 Courier Myths Debunked

Every industry has them. Stories. Myths. Legends. Such stuff as dream are made on. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But as surprising as it might sound, even courier service companies have myths that oftentimes need busting. Or, at the very least, a gentle correction from the people who know the job and clients the best. That’s why we gathered a few common myths about the courier world, and debunked them. Prepare to have your mind blown, and the myths exposed!

1. Delivering packages on my own will save me money.

While it depends on the situation, most business owners lose money over time when sending their hardworking employees off to handle deliveries, or worse, dropping off packages themselves. Time is money. When you’re stuck in two-hour traffic in the middle of Los Angeles, you’re losing precious time. All those boxes on the to–do list can’t get checked off when you’re racing around the city delivering packages. And with 30 years of experience driving the roads of Southern California, we can assure you that there are plenty of unforeseen setbacks in arriving to your destination. There’s no reason to risk it, especially when you have access to a reasonably priced courier service (check out more about us!).

2. There is no point in using a courier service for a one-time delivery.

Those one-time deliveries are often last minute, those trips you haven’t planned for. So, I would agree with the original sentiment if the delivery were just down the street. But if a package needs to be delivered across the city just one time, chances are there are unexpected problems awaiting you on the road. You don’t know the best route. You don’t know traffic conditions for the time of day. You can’t estimate the time it would take. Oftentimes, the apps we use for directions aren’t up to date. (Dang Waze always making us take left turns!) But our drivers do this for a living. Knowing the best routes is part of the job. And sometimes, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic is part of the job. We take it on so busy business owners like you don’t have to.

3. A courier is no quicker than my assistant or me.

If you run or manage a business, I’m sure you know the feeling of having to do everything yourself. But a good manager’s job is to make sure everything gets done, not do everything herself. And managing people also means managing the hours in day. So, doing everything yourself is not efficient in the long run. Delegating certain tasks saves time and allows more work to be done. Let the task of delivering valuable shipments or letters be accomplished by professional drivers. At SMEX 24/7, we choose our drivers carefully. Courteous, experienced people with clean driving records. And many of them have been driving for us for years. So they know the SoCal roads better than anyone.

4. It’s too expensive.

Not with SMEX 24/7! We can’t speak for other courier services, but as our customers you get to choose your price range. We have a variety of delivery services to choose from. Plus, data shows that gas prices go up during the spring. So in the coming months, it will be even more expensive to drive around the city. The more you drive, the more stress you put on your car; and the mileage goes up. That means more oil changes. And the risk of getting into a car accident goes up as well, which could cost you a leg and an arm. Why take the risk? SMEX 24/7 has competitive pricing for services that will save you time, unneeded stress, and money. You can even get a price quote from us before agreeing to anything, to verify that you are in fact getting the best deal.

5. It’s more professional to deliver packages myself (or have my assistant do it.)

This is another common misconception business owners make. The truth is that everyone in this city is busy. Your client, customer, or associate receiving the package probably doesn’t have much time for chitchat, which is exactly what they will feel obligated to do if you or your assistant come to the door. Having a dependable messenger service deliver your important material shows that you take the relationship serious enough to bring in a professional to guarantee the job gets done. And, it shows that you’re organized and can manage time efficiently. Big business owners wouldn’t think of driving around making deliveries themselves. So having an affordable messenger service puts you at the utmost level of professionalism.

So, I hope I’ve demystified the courier world for you. And I hope you feel more capable of making an informed decision. As always, contact us with any additional questions! We’re always available and happy to help. Cheers!

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