Best Business Practices for Shipping
24 Mar

Best Business Practices for Shipping

The thought and care that goes into shipping can make or break your business in a variety of ways. Going with a subpar shipping company that views your business as a means to an end, rather than providing real customer service, can cause your own customers to suffer. Shipping strategies need to be thought out and planned or you could end losing profits. The money you put into to your business needs to improve you ROI (return on investments) or all your hard will prove pointless.

Plenty of entrepreneurs lack the expertise in choosing the right courier company. The industry is competitive and complex, and the research that goes into finding the best options can take time. In this post, we will cover the basics of couriering products locally and the resources for same day deliveries of time sensitive materials, as well as tracking, reliability and handling of your packages.

For example, online shopping is one of the main ways to purchase good and products. The common consumer relies on shipping companies; and businesses are expected to ship products efficiently and securely. Oftentimes when a business owner chooses courier that lacks in time management, it’s the business that receives the complaints, not the courier company. Your company’s online reviews can suffer from poor courier service.

That means choosing a courier that goes above and beyond expectations by delivering more than a package, but also a positive experience for your customer.


Options for Packaging & Branding

First rule is always the same for every business: package your products securely for safe transport. At SMEX 24/7, our drivers take great care to avoid mishandling packages, tossing them or dropping them, but to avoid mishaps it’s better to make sure your packages are secure before they leave your hands.

Have custom-sized boxes, padding like bubble wrap or packaging paper, and strong packaging tape. You could also get creative and set your business apart by using unconventional packaging materials. Something burlap to wrap your package in, or matte, solid car lining bags can add originality to your brand without sacrificing quality. Custom designed boxes with your brand’s colors can also pay off. Less bulky materials like bags can also afford your cheaper shipping rates. I don’t need to remind you that branding is a huge factor in how you attracted the customer in the first place.


Offer Free Shipping 

Free shipping is increasing in popularity, and it oftentimes it can the last step in convincing the customers to purchase your product instead of someone else’s. Offer first time customers free shipping. Or, offer free shipping for the more expensive items. Reduce the amount of times your audience abandons their shopping cart after perusing your website. There are different ways you can manage the loss of shipping costs. One way is to increase the product prices to cover the shipping. If you’re hesitant about raising prices, you could always meet in the middle and only raise them slightly, having the remaining cost of shipping come out of your margins.

If you really want, you could also just cover the cost yourself. In that’s the case, offering free shipping only on more expensive orders can help offset your cost for shipping. With a increase in order size, you get more money for fewer shipments.


Charge a Flat Rate

Another popular option is to simply have a flat-rate for shipping, regardless of size or price. This is good option if you can be sure to avoid undercharging or overcharging your customers. An example would be if your products are generally similar in weight in size. If your products come in a large variety of sizes, a flat-rate shipping can really dig into your margins. So this options is better for a specific kind of product line.

Many factors determine how you can ship your products. Each business owner must look at their products, the size, weight, destination and materials, and come up with a shipping option that is catered specifically to them. SMEX 24/7 has a team of customer service representatives that are happy to assist you in determining what’s best for your local business. Visit our Contact Page to get in touch if you’re interested.


Calculating Rates

Shipping rates are based and calculated on various factors:
• Package Size
• Package Weight
• Departing location
• Destination location
• Tracking
• Insurance


The services of a courier are always unique, depending on each client. That’s why offering a variety of options is a necessary factor in being a successful courier company. Visit our services page to learn more about the range of services we have available to you.
Like we’ve already mentioned, investing money into services for your business means you must earn a high return on your investments. Otherwise, your losing money. So, the courier you invest in matters, their credibility matters. Shipping profitably depends on research and can take time. Don’t let shipping become a significant expense for your business. Call SMEX 24/7 today for more information on how you can ship your materials and products efficiently and securely. Cheers!

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