SMEX 24/7 vs Corporate Courier Companies
7 Mar

SMEX 24/7 vs Corporate Courier Companies

How does SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service compare to larger courier companies? We break down the differences between the two, and show why local couriers are the better way to go. The keys factors that make small businesses the better option are flexibility, professionalism and high quality service.

Customer Service: We have two type of employees at SMEX 24/7. Our drivers, who are licensed, bonded and insured, schedule their pickups and deliveries around the customer’s schedule, always. The service is personalized because we understand that your business, career or daily routine can’t always be modified around a delivery. And really, it’s the last thing you want to worry about with every other responsibility on your plate. Clients rave about the professionalism and punctuality of our drivers. Our other employees, who work out of our main offices, are customer service representatives and are available to take your call everyday. If we miss it, we are prompt about returning calls and voicemails. Our representatives are knowledgeable about our products and services as well as the more general industry questions. Their friendly demeanor and assistance is provided online or by phone.

Big Courier Company: Bigger companies find it difficult to guarantee prompt service. More employees to manage means losing that personal touch. As they grow, customers are often seen as just a number. And with international customers and clients, they don’t have much incentive to keep you returning. So if you’re unhappy, they are less likely to handle your concerns or questions in a timely manner. It can be difficult to get through to an adviser to discuss a query or leave feedback. Large companies often have more red tape to deal with. It can take longer for big companies to be responsive.

Immediate Pickup & Delivery: Because we work to be flexible around your schedule, you also get to have input on how your packages are delivered. We have vans for larger or multiple deliveries, trucks for cargo and smaller cars for agility for the smaller deliveries. In other words, your packages don’t get crammed into one big truck with a bunch of other deliveries. They don’t sit in the heat for hours while the driver tends to other customer’s pickups. That’s why we can guarantee safe and secure delivery. We even have specialized services like hand-deliveries for those fragile packages. We are also certified to deliver medical and laboratory supplies and equipment. And we communicate with your every step of the process. We also have the ability to pickup and deliver to any location you approve.

Bigger companies typically use vans since they deliver multiple packages for different clients in a single delivery, which can add to congestion and traffic particularly in and around Los Angeles. Although this means they have more capacity, it also means they tend to focus on larger contracts and aren’t set up for smaller, more responsive deliveries. They also need authorization (more red tape) for any pickup/dropoff location that hasn’t been pre-approved from their senior level management.

Billing: SMEX 24/7 bills clients only after a successful delivery. With routine or repeat pickups, you have the option to set up a monthly billing cycle. We take all forms of debit/credit cards via online or by phone. We also have the convenience of  automatic, cashless payments so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay your bill. And we always notify you when your payment is processed. It’s important for us to maintain a level of transparency for our employees and customers. No hidden fees, no surprise bills. You are quoted a price at the beginning, and we bill you what you were quoted after delivery. It’s that simple. And our prices are very competitive for the SoCal courier industry. Our customer representatives are always available to answer your questions should any arise.

Larger firms tend to use off the shelf internal systems to log customer transactions which may not be upgraded as regularly as required to reflect customers purchasing habits. That leads to unorganized forms of filing, which can lead to mistakes. Lots of paperwork their customers never see means lots of incorrect billing that can go unnoticed.

Flexible Employment: SMEX couriers are all are available all over Southern California. We can match the best courier to your job at a time that suits you. Our couriers can choose when and how they work, whether that’s around their studies or other work commitments. they have been trained on professionalism and safe driving. They are generously compensated. We want to keep our employees happy the same way we want to keep our customers happy! We boast the best courier drivers in all of SoCal.

Some bigger courier firms have experienced negative media coverage regarding workers’ rights, often blurring the line between employee and self-employed which can be confusing. Ultimately, oftentimes employees become disgruntled when they get lost in the shuffle of a big corporation.

So there you have it. More reasons to choose SMEX 24/7 Messenger Service for all your delivery needs. Request a Free Online Quote and we’ll contact you to discuss your courier options.


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