22 Mar

Small Business Courier Service – Is it Right for You?

When you think of what it takes to start and run a business, you probably don’t consider one of the most critical elements – hiring a business courier service. This type of courier can literally save your business thousands each year in lost revenue, courier costs and productivity time.

When you hire a business courier service for your business, you are essentially diversifying your sales force, giving those people who previously sat in the office on the weekends more time to work during the week. For the most part, this type of service is inexpensive to begin with, especially when you compare it to the cost of going to the post office yourself and waiting in line.

Courier Service Los Angeles

Courier Service Los Angeles

One of the first reasons you may want to think about hiring a small business courier service is because of the tremendous amount of time and energy you can save by eliminating the need for your own delivery employees. With less employees, you are able to provide better customer service because you don’t have to worry about taking time off of work for training or payroll administration.

Instead, the employees that you have are dedicated to making sure your customers are satisfied and getting exactly what they need when they need it. The savings you will realize each year due to no employee payroll taxes and no business expenses will quickly pay for outsourcing your delivery services. You can use the additional money saved to invest in your business.

Courier Service: Reliability and Professionalism

Another reason to hire a small business courier service is the reliability and professionalism you will experience from such a service. Your clients will receive prompt and courteous service from our courier company. When you own a business, there is nothing worse than working your hardest but not being able to relax because you are worried about the well being of your products. Our clients enjoy our professional attitude because it shows that we are concerned about your needs.

The type of vehicle we choose to operate your courier service is an important consideration as well. If we are going to offer our customers new services or products, we will need a large enough vehicle to accommodate the extra items, thereby allowing us to offer our customers new services as they request them. When you use a small business courier company, you will no longer need a vehicle to transport your inventory, and the money saved will allow you to expand your business with ease.


When choosing a courier for your small business, make sure you choose one that has experience in providing customer service to your customers. You want a courier that knows how to speak to people who are new with using a courier service. You want someone who can understand your needs and who can make every delivery a success.

You don’t want to go through all of the trouble of getting a courier service started and then find out that your courier is unable to communicate effectively with you and your clients. A business courier should always strive to give customers the best service they deserve, and if you are going to work with a courier company that doesn’t care about your business, you may want to move on to someone else.

Working with a small business courier service that values your business and understand what it takes to run a successful business will help you build a strong working relationship with your clients and customers. At SMEX, we will appreciate your business and make the courier process easy and enjoyable rather than something that they have to plan weeks ahead of time.

Customer satisfaction is important to everyone involved with any type of business and working with a company that cares about your business and your needs will ensure you can build a strong relationship with your customers that will last for a long time. When you are ready to expand your business or provide better customer service, don’t take the first courier service that comes along. Work with a small business courier first to get a feel of what they’re capable of and what their prices are like before you move forward with other larger or more expensive courier services. Contact us now and request a free quote.

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